Filling Techniques

They are generally used on lip wrinkles, deep wrinkles on the face and in nose-lips wrinkles.

It is easily placement, it does not need anaesthesia and it is infiltrated under the skin. There are many substances: Dermalive, Radiance, Restylane, Artecoll, Collagen, etc. The difference among them is the time they last (6 months to 5 years approximately), the area to treat and the type of wrinkle. According to the needs and characteristics of each patient, one type of filling will be suggested.

Generally the products that are injected replace substances that are naturally present in the skin but have been deteriorating by external factors and aging (ex. Hialuronic acid). They are almost painless treatments and they require 15-30 minutes interview with the doctor. The results are fast and satisfactory. One of the main advantages is that the patient can immediately return to normal activities.