Local fat is mainly fatty deposits in specific areas of the body. Generally it is present in abdominal area, sides, hips, thighs and back. This type of fatty deposits hardly ever disappears with physical activity or diets.

What is hidrolipoclasy?

It is not a very well known treatment. It involves the application of great volumes of medication in the areas with fatty deposits and/or cellulite, then ultrasound is used for 15 minutes benefiting from the cavitation effect that it has. The combination of ultrasound and drugs previously injected produce the rupture of fatty cells and their elimination through blood and lympha circulation


It is done with very thin needles. Small quantities are injected in each region.

It can be associated with lipolitic substances and contrary to mesotherapy (intradermic) the liquid is injected deeply, directly in the adipose tissue, as adipose tissue has little enervation, it is painless or practically painless ( depending of each patient’s tolerance). Then ultrasound for aesthetic purposes is applied during a lapse of time that is in relation to the volume and the region injected.

This application is painless and almost pleasurable as a massage in circles is performed all over the treated area with the tip of the equipment which emits the ultrasound waves (totally unnoticeable) and a comfortable heat.

These ultrasound waves in combination with the fluid previously injected produce the lysis (rupture) of the fatty cells that the body later eliminates, reducing in this way the volume of fatty deposits.

It has the effect of a liposuction but slower as it is performed on a weekly basis.

Later a lymphatic massage (manual or with equipment) is performed to complete the treatment.

Added value to hidrolipoclasy

The results can be enhanced with the addition of a substance that has been in use in France for several years called PHOSPHATIDILCOLINE, it is applied after the HIDROLIPOCLASY and it has an important impolitic effect (softens intracelular fat and makes it easy to eliminate it)

In each session it can be associated with mesotherapy treatment so as to act in terms of number as well as size of each fatty cell, improving the reducing effect of the volume to treat.

Sessions are on a weekly basis the first 6 to 8 sessions, then, according to the case, it could be every fortnight. The patient may immediately continue her normal activities.

It is performed in both sexes