It consists of a new therapeutic methodology. Mesotherapy introduces substances based in natural extracts to a specific place where the pathology is located. It involves introducing small doses of drugs in the outer layers of the skin in the affected area through injections. It is an effective technique for any pathology and must be performed by a doctor.

a-body mesotherapy

In this case it is used to treat cellulite, flaccidity and local obesity. This system allows to move and dissolve accumulated fat that does not go away with working out, and it activates micro circulation of the area promoting the elimination of liquids and toxins. With mesotherapy you achieve a progressive reduction of the contour of the area in treatment as well as an improvement in the quality of skin and a smoothering of fatty nodules. In general the results are very positive because the homeopathic products used in the infiltrations tackle the area we want: fatty tissue.

b-facial mesotherapy (mesolifting)

It involves the above mentioned procedure. Its action is facial rejuvenation, it inserts the drugs needed to prevent and fill fine or new lines.

It is a facial rejuvenating technique that gives tone and revitalization to the tissues of body and neck by the direct injection of biological solutions composed by vitamins, aminoacids, minerals, etc. They regulate cell growth, inhibit oxidation, stimulate collagen and calcium production and other mechanisms necessary to balance cell metabolism and skin. With this procedure you get an immediate mosturized and luminous skin.