Low frequency waves

Body and facial lymphatic massage: it is a bio-electric therapeutic device that produces an improving effect on skin conditions such as cellulite. It can be used to reduce cellulite in areas where traditional surgery proves to have relative success. It is a supporting aid in pre and post surgical treatments of liposuction or facial lifts, enabling the re-absorption of bruises and balancing the natural conditions of tissues.

It is a local method, non aggresive, that causes an improvement of local lipolysis by a bio-vibrating wave. It is a system capable of providing excellent clinical and aesthetic results respecting the body physiology.

This machine has different functions:

- To balance the metabolic system of the adipose tissue, invigorating muscles.
- To relax muscles blocking uneven tones due to aging, wrinkles and other non-aesthetic elements of skin ( stretch marks, eczema. Etc)
- Due to the bio-energy action blood return and lymphatic drainage are stimulated.