This treatment allows to surgically enlarge the length and thickness of the penis without disturbing its functions

What changes does a phalloplasty produce?

The thickening of the penis ( up to 2 cm of circumference or perimeter)
Penis lengthening ( up to 3 cm approximately)

How is a penis surgery performed?

Penis thickening: By means of a special syringe, the surgeon performs a minimal liposuction of the abdominal area. Fat is processed and 30 cc of it is inserted in its purest state under the penis skin to achieve thickness.

Penis lengthening: The surgeon makes a small inverted V shape incision in the pubis area and through it a cut in the supporter ligament is performed which frees the superior part of the penis and produces its lengthening. The incision is sutured in its edge transforming the inverted V into inverted Y. The straight line of this Y corresponds to the length achieved.

Confinement: No clinic confinement, ambulatory

Anaesthesia: Local with sedatives or general
Duration of Surgery: 90 minutes to 2 hours

What changes are NOT produced by a Phalloplasty?

It does not correct impotence

Penis surgery: results

You can get up to 30% of thickness in your penis and an important lengthening. The angle of erection will not change and its functionality will not suffer at all. Most men that have done this treatment are highly satisfied and better prepared to have a happy and rewarding sexual life.