Butt surgery


Poor definition of the area due to lack of projection of the muscles.

2-Personal interview:

The goal is to let the patient know the extent of this surgery and to let the doctor know the physical and psychological characterists of the patient.

A body exam is performed to obtain a global vision of its contour.

3-studies and tests

Blood count


Chest X-ray

pre-surgery indications

To eat lightly and drink no alcohol the previous night

If you are on medication ask your doctor about giving them up

A fastening of 8 hours

To attend the clinic with an escort

To bring along the post-surgery indications


Anaesthesia: epidural or local with support

Type of surgery: ambulatory

Place of intervention: operating room

Recovery: after the surgery the patient leaves the operating room with a compressive supporter and remains resting until she recovers from anaesthesia

6-Post-surgery indications

Bed rest during 48 hours

Prescription: antibiotics and painkillers according to doctor’s consideration

General diet

7-allowed activities

Outdoor walking after the fourth day

Office work after a week


If the extent of the implants are understood the results meet the standards desired.