Sticking-out Ears


These are ears which separation angle in relation to the head is very open and in some cases they stick out producing a non-aesthetic effect.

What can be corrected with this surgery?

- Sticking-out ears in relation to head
- Oversize ears
- Combination of several defects


1- Personal interview:

In the case of children the interview will be carried out alone and also with parents.

In the case of adults the extent of the surgery will be discussed.
In both cases the size, shape and separation angle will be determined.

2- studies and tests

Blood count, ECG and chest X-ray

3-Pre-surgical indications

To wash and dry hair, avoiding exposition to cold weather
To remove make-up
To ask your doctor if you are on medication
To attend the clinic with 8 hs of fastening
To attend with an escort
To bring along the medicines required for post-surgery

4- surgery

Anaesthesia: local with support for adults and general for children
Type of surgery: ambulatory for adults. In the clinic for children.
Place of intervention: operating room.

5- post_surgery

The patient leaves the operating room with a bandage on the ears that remains until getting the certificate of discharge.
Prescription: oral antibiotic and painkillers.
General diet
To sleep in a semi-seated position for five days
Bed rest for two days

6- allowed activities

Office work after the first week
Outdoor walkings after third day
Make-up after first week
Hairdressing after the removal of stitches

7- Expectations and undesired effects

Generally the desires are met with a high level of satisfaction
Exceptionally, there could be some relapse, that is to say that ears may tend to open up and in such a case a second surgery may be required.