This procedure dries (extract) the excess of skin and fat of the tummy area with the aim of improving body shape


Dermolipectomy is indicated when there is skin and fatty tissue in excess. It should be noticed that the contour is shaped but a scar is left. The quality and the extension of it would depend on the tissue removed and the patient’s type of skin.

Medical consultation

To evaluate the expectations of changes
To examine tummy area and evaluate possible hernias.


This technique involves a horizontal incision, slightly bent up, drying and closing by aesthetic suture.



studies and tests (complete blood count, electrocardiogram, chest XR)

If you are on medication ask your doctor first.

a minimun of 8 hours of fastening.

Bring along the compressive abdominal supporter and the post-surgery medication

To have an escort to get your certificate of discharge.

To give up aspirins and cigarette smoking.


to remain with the compressive abdominal supporter during 30 days approximately.

Prescription: antibiotic and painkiller

Bed rest during 48 hours (minimun) only getting up to go to the toilet.

Balanced diet. Bloating and constipation should be avoided.

To sleep with the thighs in a semi-flexion during aproximately 3 days. It is suggested to put a pillow under the knees.

To have a shower after the first week.

The suture stitches are removed aproximately after 10 days.

Note: All the pre-surgery or post-surgery indications are merely informative because they may vary from patient to patient.