It is a complete technique and platform to oxygenate skin and body in general. Oxygen is essential to life and skin well-being. It is currently considered a pivotal element as an anti-age treatment and it is routinely used by the most modern spas and beauty centers in the world due to its quick results and a comfortable application.

The benefits of the treatment are:

* On a facial level:

It increases the supply of pure oxygen in the skin cells, softens wrinkles, marks and fine lines (the best alternative to botulinic toxic shots) recovers skin after sun exposure, accelerates cell renewal, decreases irritation, post-peeling erythema, eliminates dark spots and scars and controls secretion in low and moderate acne.

* On a body level:
Mesoxygenation (a without needles pure O2 injection) to treat cellulite

* Complete oxygenation of the body
Through oxy-aroma function (aromatherapy) which combines oxygenation with chakra essences exclusive at Ief, a stimulating, pleasurable, bioenergetic end to a invigorating treatment.