Hair Implant

Specific surgical procedures to correct baldness.


Bald patients who accept a surgical procedure to correct the problem.

Absence of associated conditions: infections, tumors, traumatisms, etc.


Personal interview:

Baldness is a problems that affects many men. The desired results and expectations will be considered in the interview with the doctor.

3-Required Studies and tests:

Blood count


Chest X-ray

4-Pre surgery indications:

To wash hair with an antiseptic shampoo

To ask your doctor if you are on any medication

Bland diet the previous night

An 8 hour fastening except the procedure is done with local anaesthesia

To have an escort


Anaesthesia: local with support or general

Type of surgery: ambulatory

Place of procedure: operating room

Guidelines about the different procedures

with the patient’s hair (reduction of the bald area. Skin excess. Hair implant)

with synthetic hair


prescription: oral antibiotic and painkiller

general diet

bed rest during one or two days

to sleep in a semi seated position for 5 days.

7-Allowed activities:

office work after 48 hs.

Outdoor activities after the 3rd day.

Hairdressing after 15 days.


Baldness in men is one of the conditions that brings about many expectations. The surgeon must explain the extent of this treatment and the patient must decide wether he accepts or not the proposal.