Nose Surgery

Anatomy and functionality:

Rhinoplasty ( from rhino: nose; plasty: plastic procedure ), is the plastic surgery of the nose performed to achieve aesthetic or functional goals, or both, taking into account global armony and preserving breathing aspects. The shape of the nose can be compared to a triangular based pyramid. When considered from the front, it present to a left and a right side (lateral side), beginning on the vertex between the eyes and widening downwards. When considered from the profile, the nose begins on the forehead, following down the nasal profile, the nasal tip and ends where the lip begins. Under it there are two openings called nostrils. When considering tissues, the skin is the external cover of the nose. Under the skin there are different types of tissues: bones, cartilage, vessels and nerves that provide support to the visible part of the nose. The modification of these structures is the base of all surgeries

Aesthetic rhinoplasty:

This is an intervention which mainly corrects aesthetic aspects.

Medical consultation:

To evaluate the expectations of change

Frequent reasons

Large size

Convex back with prominent hump.

Fallen or bulbous tip

Wide base

Big nostrils

Deviated edge.


Anesthesia type: local/ NLA (local+sedatives)/ general.

Surgery type: ambulatory/hospital confinement.

Place of intervention: operating room.


studies and tests (complete blood count, electrocardiogram, chest XR)

If you are on medication ask your doctor first.

a minimun of 8 hours of fastening.

Bring along the post-surgery medication.

To have an escort to get your certificate of discharge.


prescription: antibiotic and painkiller

Bland diet during 48 hours to avoid unnecessary dicomfort.

To sleep in a semi-seated position for 4 or 5 days

Bed rest during 24 or 48 hours.


The plaster is only removed after a week. It is normal to have a swollen nose and to bruises under your eyes. These bruises normally disappear in one week. Each patient’s evolution time must be respected as it depends on each person.

Allowed activities:

Outdoor walking after the third day

Office work and driving after the third day

Make-up after the first week


The operated nose could be shown after the first 15 days. It is important to notice that the definite size and shape will be obtained after six months, when all trace of the swelling disappears. If the intentions of the nasal surgery were correctly interpreted and accepted, the results would be welcomed.