Liposuction and Laser Liposculpture

It consists of the suction of located fatty tissue. This surgery corrects shape, modelling the body and removing excess of fat.

Important: this procedure must be made only in a surgery room.

Which parts of the body could be liposucted?

- Inner and outer sides of the arms.

- Waist

- Inner part of the thighs.

- Outer part of the thighs

- Tummy

- Inner and outer sides of knees.

Important: it is important not to tackle more than three areas at the same time. It is better to make a progressive liposuction, removing only a bit allows us to remove again, otherwise, the contour could remain uneven.

Results :

Changes become noticeable after 15 to 30 days.

Allowed activities:

Walking and office work after 3 days.

Modelling local gym and lymphatic massage (post-surgery treatment with appliances)



studies and test (complete blood count, electrocardiogram, chest XR)

a minimun of 8 hours of fastening.

Bring along a compressive support that covers the areas where the liposuction is performed.

To have an escort to get your certificate of discharge.


Bed rest during 24 to 48 hours.

Prescription: antibiotics and painkillers.

Low calorie diet

Permanent use of the compressive supporter during 30 to 40 days.