Vaginal rejuvenation

This plastic surgery on the outer female genital organs includes a series of surgical procedures designed to improve appearance and function.

Performed techniques

The most requiered procedures are the reduction of lips (vulvoplasty or lip surgery) and surgeries to reduce the vaginal channel (vaginoplasty)

The reduction of lips are techniques to reduce the size and the level of protuberance of the minor vaginal lips (internal). The most common reason why women ask for this surgery is because the lips are too big and non-aesthetic. Some women indicate that the increased size of the lips make them more evident with tight clothes or they feel discomfort practising certain sports like cycling. A considerable number also have difficulties with penetration.

The procedure is relatively simple. An area of the lip is removed by a variety of incisions and it can be made with local anaesthesia. The precise location of the scar is very important to prevent the retraction of the scar along the lip.edge

The vaginal tightening surgeries are demanded by women who feel that their vaginas are now too wide after several labors or because of aging resulting in a loss of satisfaction for her and her partner during intercourse. The procedure is done by placing sutures in the introit as well as the resection of excess vaginal mucose and the tightening of the muscles of the back vaginal wall.


This procedure is generally done with epidural anaesthesia or general

Other procedures include the liposculpture of the mount of venus, the injection of fat into the major lips to rejuvenate them and to give a younger appearance to the area, the removal of skin around the clitoris to improve clitoris’ sensitivity and the reconstruction of the hymen for cultural reasons

The liposculpture of the mount of Venus may be an isolated procedure or done together with a tummy or thigh liposculpture. The appearance of the mount of Venus is improved by a better definition.

In contrast the fillings of fat in the Mount of venus or major lips boost these structures providing them a younger appearance.

The removal of skin around the clitoris is performed to expose the clitoris and to make it more sensitive. However, there is little information about the results as the perception of the difference varies from patient to patient.

As with many aspects of human anatomy, there is a huge variety of shapes, size and appearance of female genital organs and they are within normal standards. Before any surgery, it is important to determine if there is really a problem with the genital organs or if other solutions would be advisable.


During the first 5 to 6 weeks sexual intercourse is forbidden and after 10 days the area is healed.