Chin surgery is the surgical procedure that enlarges the size of the chin in order to be related to other parts of the face such as nose and lips harmoniusly.

What changes does a chin implant produce?

It enlarges the size of the chin, projecting it fowards. From the profile viewpoint it is considered harmonious to have the chin and the inferior lip at the same level vertically.

It smoothes the relation of shape and size between chin and nose.

This is the reason why this surgery is frequently combined with a rhinoplasty

It allows to shape the chin according to male-female beauty proportions and standards.

How is chin surgery performed?

The surgeon performs a pocket just in front of the chin bone and inserts and implant in it. To carry this out there are two possible incisions: a) under the chin, b) through the internal side of the inferior lip, in the mouth.

Confinement: ambulatory

Anaesthesia: Local with sedatives or general

Surgery duration: 30 minutes to an hour

Chin Surgery: results

Chin implant produces a definite change but totally reversible in case you wish to return to your previous aspect. However, really few people regret these changes. The profile will look harmonious and in proportion.

It is probable that nobody will notice that you have an implant under your skin. They will simply see you great without knowing.